Municipal Court

Municipal Courts in the State of New Jersey and Justice Courts in the State of New York are local Courts established by towns and cities. A Judge presides over each Court with a Municipal Prosecutor representing the State of New Jersey and an Assistant District Attorney representing the State of New York. Municipal Courts of New Jersey and Justice Courts of New York, for the most part, hear and adjudicate cases involving Motor Vehicle Offenses and certain Criminal Offenses. A case comes before a Municipal and/or Justice Courts by the signing of a Complaint. The Complainant (either a private person or a police officer) signs the Complaint accusing another person (known as the Defendant) of a violation of a Motor Vehicle Offense or certain Criminal Offense.

If you have problems with traffic tickets or your license has been suspended or you have been arrested, it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney immediately. Our firm has extensive experience in representing individuals charged with driving with a suspended license, driving while intoxicated, speeding tickets and other traffic related matters. We also have extensive experience representing individuals charged with all types of criminal activity including, but not limited to, possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS). In many cases we have been successful in vacating arrest warrants, restoring driver’s licenses, reducing fines and points and helping our clients avoid going to jail.

Traffic Offenses

The lawyers at Miller & Borgen are experienced New Jersey Municipal Court and New York Justice Court lawyers defending in and out-of-state motorists accused of traffic offenses, including speeding and driving while suspended/revoked. Municipal Courts in New Jersey and Justice Courts in New York have statutory authority to hear and adjudicate all allegations of violations of the Motor Vehicle laws. Guilty verdicts for Motor Vehicle violations may result in license suspension, fines, community service, increases in automobile insurance rates, subject the driver to potential civil liability and may require payments of surcharges to the Division of Motor Vehicles. Some Motor Vehicle violations even require mandatory jail sentences. Our lawyers provide knowledgeable and aggressive legal counsel to defend against an alleged Motor Vehicle violation and fights to prevent the placement of points on your license or other penalties, such as fines, MVC hearings, or a suspension of your license. We can help! Contact Miller & Borgen immediately for further legal assistance.

Criminal Offenses

The attorneys at Miller & Borgen provide legal counsel to defend against disorderly person or petty disorderly person accusations in the Municipal Courts of New Jersey as well as violations or misdemeanors in the Justice Courts in New York, which have statutory authority to hear and adjudicate such offenses. A conviction can have serious consequences including a potential jail sentence and fine. Any charge of a disorderly persons or petty disorderly persons offenses or of a violation or misdemeanor requires an aggressive defense. Miller & Borgen provides all of its clients with an aggressive defense in both the Municipal Courts of New Jersey and Justice Courts of New York.

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